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      Space Planning

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      In this ever increasing competitive world maximisation of your resources is imperative. Next to your employee costs the spaces you occupy for your business are probably pretty high up on your cost spread sheet so we need to use this resource in the best possible way.

      With 30 years of experience in the office interiors market Avant Contracts have come across most situations that require creative and functional use of space. Respecting team and departmental structure a workable space plan is developed. The space plan will respect building configuration and existing services with the aim of minimising service or structural changes.

      Avant Contracts considered space planning will ensure longterm flexibility catering for future business growth plans and infrastructure changes and thus reduce cost of ownership.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
      A professional space plan will ensure you will fit what you need it to the space you have in the most optimal way.
      The space plan we produce for you is unique to your project so yes you can keep it. We will always keep copies ensuring future changes can be implemented.
      A benefit of space planning is the increase in efficiency in your staff by understanding the unique needs of each role. A good space plan considers what resources your staff need, who they need to be in easy communication with, and what could be a distraction to them.
      Absolutely the space plan will respect all issues regarding health and safety including minimum work spaces and access to all fire exits.
      The space plan will reduce wasted space and ultimately your budget.

      About Avant Contracts

      Avant Contract Furnishings makes your office work for you. With practical design and innovative planning, Avant will provide an independent "One Stop Shop" service offering exciting, flexible, workplace solutions as well as comprehensive relocation and warehouse storage services.


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